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@SwaggaBoyLos is a MONSTER..

When son blackout out the sun blackout, when I go in I don’t come back out, I’m too cold too exist I could sun the moon then moon the sun..Solar Eclipse, I dismiss and diminish niggas in a minutes time, dispensing the sickest venom from a killers mind, catch a body on a track like a marathon, running stumble then my fucking arms at the finishline, they call me mr. take another nigga bitch and break her penetrate her then eliminate her just too get the paper, if Peter Piper picked the pepper then she better pay the Piper if I pipe her I can pickle or sophisticate her, u bring her down but my swag gon’ elevate her, she just wanna get down cause I elevate her, damn homie what u swalking about, cause I’m all in your spouse, while u on the couch staring at the walls in your house, said she loves to hum my songs cause she only listen to them when my balls in her mouth, ouch what type of gee am I, that was od tmi, well tell ur bm don’t dm me, cause I’m in the bm epmd, she dm’d me and said gee u fly u drive me crazy like a dui, scar scooped me up and we flew by, trell came through with atleast two guys, you gon’ run this gee with my gee’s too ma, nothing but a gee up in these two eyes, guess that’s the penalty too be too fly, bitch niggas don’t wanna see you fly, laugh now cry later when I squeeze you lie, and I wont stop hitting till I see u die goodnight.

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